Weather Policy

Our weather policy has been adopted in accordance with the guidelines set down by Netball Victoria

Extreme Heat
In the case of extreme heat, prior to each match commencing, readings will be recorded from Bureau of Meteorology – Moorabbin Airport station and the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Chart will be consulted to incorporate the humidity and determine the relative temperature.
In the event that the WBGT reaches:
32°C – Quarters will be reduced by 1 minute and a 30 second drink break will be incorporated at 1⁄4 time and 3⁄4 time.
36°C – Current matches will be cancelled until the WBGT temperature reduces.
Preventative measures can be undertaken to minimise heat injuries.

  • Examples include the provision of hats, appropriate sunscreen, spray bottles and drinking water.
  • Players should hydrate 24 hours in advance of their scheduled match time.
Wet Weather
Netball is traditionally a winter, outdoor sport and our preference is to NOT cancel games. However, player and umpire safety is paramount and if the courts are deemed to be unsafe by the Courts Sub-Committee, matches will be cancelled. The decision to cancel matches are made round by round.
The Courts Sub-committee consists of: Court Supervisor, Umpire Coordinator and the Competitions Administrator.
Our guidelines:

  • Matches will be routinely cancelled in the event of HEAVY rain, hail and/or lightning.
  • Games will not be cancelled because it is cold.
  • Match cancellations will not be based on player/umpire/spectators comfort – only safety.

Ultimately if parents/coaches do not agree with our informed decisions, they have the option to prevent players from playing or forfeiting their match.
When playing any sport you are voluntarily exposing yourself to a variety of risks for the sake of fun. YOU must decide whether the risks you choose to take are ACCEPTABLE risks for you/your child.
If players/coaches wish to forfeit their match they are free to do so. If both teams agree no points will be given. If only one team wishes to forfeit then the other team will receive the points for the game.
If parents do not want their children to play for whatever reason, they obviously have that option. “Peer pressure” is less relevant than your child’s perceived safety.

Please do not question our legal and moral responsibilities OR our “insurance cover”. Our decision will always be a balance between the enthusiasm of players who generally want to play and their health and safety, which is paramount.
At no stage will the spectators, parents, players or team officials approach the Court or Umpire Supervisors regarding the weather. An announcement will be made by the Court Supervisor over the PA system.
Awarding Points
Please note that unless the cancellation of matches is posted in the news feed on our website, all teams are expected to report to the courts for their scheduled matches. Teams are required to have 5 players sited by their match appointed umpires and recorded on the scoresheet.

If a match is cancelled prior to the 1⁄2 time siren, each team will be awarded 2 points.

If a match is cancelled after the 1⁄2 time siren then the current score will stand.

Caulfield and District By Laws V3.0