Umpire Expectations

What we want you to do….

  1. Make umpiring a positive experience.
  2. Encourage confidence and commitment.
  3. Encourage pride in appearance and performance.
  4. Encourage progression from New Trainee to Badged umpires as per the Umpires’ Pathway to the Top.

How you should behave…

All umpires are expected to adhere to the Netball Victoria Umpire Code of Conduct

What you need to wear…

The dress code for umpires is ‘all white’ however, we do provide ‘on the day jackets’ for our new and younger umpires so that the players and spectators are aware the you are still learning.

What you need to bring…

WHISTLE , hand held, metal – not on a cord around the neck.

What if you have any issues?

DO NOT engage in any discussion with spectators.

If you have difficulty with spectators, coaches or players, ask for an UMPIRE SUPERVISOR. They are present all day to support and assist you.