Under 11 Tournament – Sunday 12th November 2023


We do have an area on the oval side of our courts available for clubs/teams to set themselves up. You are welcome to bring and erect a marquee/gazebo if you wish in this area. We won’t have specific areas marked out and allocated, so you are free to set up anywhere in the area allocated – this is marked on the map.

CDNA Tournament Map 2018 PDF

There is ample parking around the Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, but please be mindful of any no parking zones – Glen Eira Council do regularly patrol and issue fines.

Within the complex carpark, there is a 2 minute drop off zone out front of the pavilion – this area is a NO PARKING zone, with infringements issued for those parked there for longer than this. We ask that you make your families aware of this. Being a Sunday, it is the only area that has time limitations that apply at all times.

2. The fixtures have now been published and should be available via the Netball Connect link below.

Tournament fixture court allocations

Draws Link

3. Games will be run as 2x halves – 7 minutes each half with 1 minute for half time and 5 minutes between games. The first games begin at 9:00am and the last games begin at 12:20pm.

4. Scoring – We will be using the live scoring function in Netball Connect. In order to do this, please ensure that all scorers have downloaded and installed the Netball Connect App on their device, and have said device charged for the day.

For those unfamiliar with live scoring, or with scorers that have not done this before, Tournament live scorer instructions. If all instructions are followed, there should be no problem (fingers crossed).

You should be able to enter and allocate scorers for your games via the Match Day tab – Competition Details – Scorers in Netball Connect. If you are unable to do this or have difficulty with this, we can do this for you.

**** Managers – it is important that you have entered a manager in netball connect to be able to do this. You can do this by entering the Match Day – Competition Details – Manager part of Netball Connect. The process to allocate the scorer is the same, but via the Scorer tab.

For those requiring assistance, you can either email through a list of scorers and we can add them prior to the day OR have this list ready to advise when registering on the day.

5. Umpires – for those that have their own umpires attending, please ask your umpire to arrive no later than 8:15am and present to the Umpires Room for registration.

We are trialling the Umpire Allocation Module in Netball Connect and will need to enter their details in the system. If you would like to send through your Umpire’s details via email prior, we can do this part beforehand, but still require umpires to physically attend the Umpires room upon arrival.

Umpires that have been organised for you by us will be notified likewise.

Please note that we have only sourced umpires for those that have sent through a request and will not have any extras available on the day.

6. Registration – we ask that teams arrive at 8:00am to sign in at the control box. For those who haven’t yet added scorers, please have the names ready for us to enter for you (as above).

7. Please note that it isn’t vital that your players are registered to your team (as you would normally do) but it would be great if you are able to add them to your team. If you find it difficult or impossible – don’t stress!

8. First Aid – we will have RedMed attending for first aid on the day, but remind all teams that they should be carrying a basic first aid kit as part of their supplies (band aids, cream etc.). Please note that we are unable to provide any medications, including paracetamol and ibuprofens.

If a player is injured, please enter this under the ‘Incidents’ tab in game day. This is particularly important if your player isn’t named in the team in netball connect – noting the incident in the ‘Incidents’ section enables a record to be created in case of a future insurance claim where evidence of playing is required.

9. Finally, we will be running a canteen on the day, as well as having food and drink vendors in attendance.

Nails – must be cut. No tape is accepted at C&DNA competitions

Earrings – if not being removed, they may be taped using acceptable strapping tape (not bandaids). We have some available for purchase (by the roll) from our Canteen, but would advise teams to have a roll in their kit/first aid bag for this and injuries.