Representative Frequently Asked Questions

I have a player that is filling in for our team. What do I do?

Firstly, is the player Netball Victoria registered for insurance? If not, NV Registration will need to be purchased through your club/team or the Court Supervisor at the courts if you do not have online access. Club NV Administrators have until Friday 9am of that round to register players to NV and to a team. If they have made the 9am deadline, the new player will appear on the scoresheet and no further action will be required. If they are only filling in for that day you may want to consider purchasing a Single Game Voucher $10.00 at the Court Supervisors office.

Secondly, all the players’ details including name, address, date of birth and registration number will need to be recorded on the rear of the scoresheet if that player’s name does not appear on the scoresheet.You will also need to put the player’s full name and playing position on the front of the sheet.

Can I borrow players to make up team numbers?

Please refer to the Association’s Bylaws – section 153.

I have long fingernails. Can I tape them or wear gloves?

No taping of fingernails is allowed. No wearing of gloves is allowed.

I have had a piercing done. What do I do?

Whilst piercings are not encouraged to be kept in during games, you will be given permission to tape them. This must be done sufficiently and with the correct tape – approved cloth tape and NOT bandaids or paper tape. The office has approved tape if needed to purchase.

I am the coach of a team and I have an issue with the play on court during the match. What do I do?

Firstly, send a parent to see an Umpire Supervisor (they wear red jackets or red vests). The Umpire Supervisor will attend the court.
Secondly, if you cannot see an Umpire Supervisor then the parent will need to go to the Court Supervisors office and an Umpire Supervisor will be located.


There is an injured player on court. Who can stop time? Who will help the injured player?

Any on court player can call time for an injury. The injured playermust leave the court immediately where possible. The umpires will assess the situation and allow the coach to help remove the player. If any other assistance is required the umpire will facilitate the request.
Attend the Court Supervisors office and they will arrange a qualified First Aid Officer to tend to the injury. Remember all injuries must be recorded on the rear of the scoresheet.


I am coaching. Can I switch ends each quarter? Can I walk up and down the court?

No you must stay at the team bench which is where all your substitute players will be located. If you have no substitute players then the team bench will be deemed to be where all their belongings are located.
As a coach of a team you must stand or sit at the team bench.