New Umpires

Supporting you through your Umpiring journey

CDNA has opportunities and pathways to support you from beginner to C badge, and onto higher accreditation. Continue reading to learn what is provided to our new umpires, what we expect of them and how to start umpiring at CDNA.


We take on new umpires twice a year, with between 8-12 candidates offered positions in our Beginner Trainee Program. These candidates are selected through a trial day, in which beginner umpires have a go umpiring a team of volunteer athletes. Our experienced selectors are looking for umpires who have the confidence to have a go and are ready to take on the responsibility of umpiring. Everyone’s umpiring journey is different, and candidates are encouraged to trial numerous times if unsuccessful.


The next intake of beginner umpires will be announced shortly.  To register, please complete this form: 



If you have any questions please contact Molly Telfer at



Once you are selected from our trial day, we sign you up to our rostering and communications software. This software is easy to use and keeps you updated with your allocations and all news regarding umpiring at CDNA. We hold a Beginner’s Course before your first game to begin building your knowledge, going through rules, how to conduct yourself as an umpire, and some practical exercises.

As a new umpire, you will receive 1-3 games per week, usually at 8:00AM, 8:50AM, 9:40AM and 10:30AM on a Saturday. New umpires do not begin on Friday nights. For every game you will work with the same mentor. This gives you the opportunity to build rapport with someone who can support you through to becoming an unbadged umpire working towards your C badge.

Everyone’s journey is different: we have beginners from age 12 through to age 50. This also means that the amount of time you spend with your mentor is different, and we will support you for as long as you need support, to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe umpiring, and the players on court remain safe too. All our umpires receive competitive rates of remuneration from their first game.

There are some costs in becoming an umpire. Just like when you jump on court to play netball with your team, we have a uniform that must be purchased. You will also need to purchase a whistle and have a copy of the rule book (free versions are available online). When you begin progressing towards your C badge, you also need to complete the Umpire Foundation Course and the Rules of Netball Theory Examination via Netball Learning, which also have a cost attached to them. Don’t worry though, when you go for your badge, CDNA processes all costs and pays for your testers.

When you first start, your time commitment is limited to Saturday mornings and any extra practice you choose to do during the week. As you progress, you might do up to 4 games maximum on a Saturday, some games on Friday night, some games at other night competitions during the week, and once you leave school there are school matches and school tournaments as well. Umpiring is a life long skill, something many of us return to during studying, when we are out of work, or as a way to earn some extra cash and build friendships.

We hope to see you at our next trials!



Try out our quizzes to assess where you are at!

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Benefits for you

  • having a go at umpiring before starting training to see if it is for you
  • a start to your umpiring journey when you are truly ready, not when your name comes up on a waiting list
  • experience of a trial process similar to that for paid casual employment in a supportive environment
  • the opportunity for immediate feedback on how you can improve

Benefits for players, coaches and the wider community

  • umpires beginning their training after having some practice, providing a safer environment for all
  • umpires who are ready to take on the responsibility of officiating netball

If you would like to prepare for your journey into umpiring or for the Beginner Umpire trials, try doing the following:

  • umpiring practice games at netball training
  • Foundation Umpire Education Course (online via MyNetball)
  • Rules of Netball Theory Exam (online via MyNetball)
  • the quizzes above!

or attending an Intro to Umpiring course run by Netball Victoria. Please note we do host this course for all new trainees before they begin umpiring at CDNA.

Adult Beginner Umpire Program

Check back here for updates on when the next program will be held or please contact with any queries.

Experienced Umpires New to CDNA

We welcome new badged or experienced umpires to our association!

With testing programs for C badge, opportunities to mentor new umpires and pass on your knowledge, and a B skills program to prepare our umpires to train for their B badge, there are lots of opportunities for experienced umpires to engage at CDNA.

If you are an experienced umpire who has completed beginner training elsewhere and looking for extra games, looking to get your C badge or are a badged umpire looking to bring your experience to a new environment, please email