New Umpires

New Umpires

C&DNA has a very successful beginner umpire program. We take in up to 20 umpires per year and work closely with them to teach the skills needed to become a confident and competent umpire.

The program involves a fortnightly rotation of two games with a mentor, and a 45-minute training session. Where possible, umpires are rostered with the same mentor to ensure continuity of learning. On-the-job style training is a great way to jump into umpiring, but to support well-rounded, confident umpires, we offer training sessions which cover theory, confidence and practice of basic skills in a low-pressure, inclusive environment. The training sessions are a vital aspect of the program and complement the on-court learning the umpires undertake.

Intake of new umpires occurs at the start of a season and umpires are invited according to their position on our waiting list. The number of umpires we take up depends on the balance of new and experienced umpires we currently have.

If you have any questions or require any further information on umpiring at C&DNA please contact us at

Umpiring Courses and Theory

  1. Must complete the online Rules of Netball Theory Exam with a 70 percent minimum.Click here for Online Umpire Theory Exam  
  2. Must complete the online Foundation Umpires Course ($35.00 cost).Click here for Foundation Umpire Course
  3. Must complete registration to the following waiting list link: Waiting List.
  4. You will then stay on the waiting list until vacancies arise and a practical workshop can be arranged.