New Umpires

Beginner Umpire Trial Day

We take on new umpires twice a year, with between 8-12 candidates offered positions in our Beginner Trainee Program. These candidates are selected through a trial day, in which beginner umpires have a go umpiring a team of volunteer athletes. Our experienced selectors are looking for umpires who have the confidence to have a go and are ready to take on the responsibility of umpiring. Everyone’s umpiring journey is different, and candidates are encouraged to trial numerous times if unsuccessful.

Benefits for you


  • having a go at umpiring before starting training to see if it is for you
  • a start to your umpiring journey when you are truly ready, not when your name comes up on a waiting list
  • experience of a trial process similar to that for paid casual employment in a supportive environment
  • the opportunity for immediate feedback on how you can improve

Benefits for players, coaches and the wider community


  • umpires beginning their training after having some practice, providing a safer environment for all
  • umpires who are ready to take on the responsibility of officiating netball

The dates for our next trial will be published on this page in advance. Trials will typically occur in late January before the Autumn season and late July before the Spring season.

If you would like to prepare for your trial, try doing the following:

  • umpiring practice games at netball training
  • Foundation Umpire Education Course (online via MyNetball)
  • Rules of Netball Theory Exam (online via MyNetball)

or attending an Intro to Umpiring course run by Netball Victoria. Please note we do host this course for all new trainees before they begin umpiring at CDNA.

Adult Beginner Umpires

Parents, coaches, spectators and players aged 20 years old and over are invited to learn to umpire in a separate program. Umpiring is a fantastic way to engage with the game in a new way and is not bound by age, gender or experience level. Our experienced mentors are prepared to start you on your umpiring journey, with connections and resources to help make umpiring work for you. If you are looking to learn more or enquire about a place in our program, please email

Experienced Umpires New to CDNA

We welcome new badged or experienced umpires to our association! If you are an experienced umpire who has completed beginner training elsewhere and looking for extra games, looking to get your C badge or are a badged umpire looking to bring your experience to a new environment, please email