Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to start playing with a club or a team?

We have lots of different clubs you can join, it’s up to you! Go to our Domestic Clubs page to have a look at all of the clubs and click on their logo to get their contact details.


I need some information about Rep Trials

Please contact our rep coordinator at

Our trials are coming up in the first few weeks of October.  Please see the post on the main page for trial times.

How do I start Umpiring?

Visit for more information.

How do I forfeit a game?
Got to the ‘Competitions’ tab and click on ‘Game Forfeit’. Club administrators will need to enter the password they have been provided and complete the Forfeit form with details requested, ensuring that their Club name, team name, age group and division are entered, as well as the opposition’s team name, Forfeit date and time.
Once completed and correctly submitted, a notification email will be sent to the forfeitting club, the opposition and to the C&DNA office – no need to notify in any other way.
If the notification is not received, please email to notify and check whether it was submitted correctly.
Please note the below time frames to avoid a forfeit fine being issued.
How long before a game can I forfeit without a fine?
We need to receive notification of a forfeit before the following times to avoid a fine being issued. Any later means we may not have enough notice to advise the opposition or umpires, who we may still have to pay.
By 5:00pm Thursday for Friday competition; 12:00pm Friday for Saturday competition
** Friday night competition – 5:00pm Thursday
** Saturday competition – 12:00pm Friday


I need help with Live Scoring
Please use the below links for assistance with scoring, adding scorers, team managers and players. team attendance recording, and other Netball Connect App features.

** Failure to correctly submit scores and complete team attendance requirements may result in a penalty being applied.

How do I fill in for a team?
Players with Netball Victoria Membership (NVM) but not a member of C&DNA competition:
– Will need to be provided with a competition registration link by the club they are filling in with

Players with NVM, and a member of a C&DNA club:
– Can only fill in for teams within their own club. The team a player is filling in for must be in a higher division in the same age group, or in a higher age group.
– MAXIMUM of 4 games can be played as a fill-in for a team; if a fifth game is played with a higher division team in the same age group, a player will no longer be able to return to their original team.

Players without NVM:
Clubs will need to provide players with their club registration link so the fill in player can purchase a Single Game Voucher. The process is the same as for regular registration, with the option of ‘One Game Only’ to be checked for a single game voucher.

**Exceptions – Independent teams will provide their fill in players with the link they used to register AND need to email player details to to have the player added to the team.

**Adding fill-in, borrowed, single game voucher players to the team for attendance:
Once the player has registered to the competition, you will be able to find them to add to your team via the teams module, or however you would normally borrow players.

** Please also note: all fill-in players must be eligible to play within the specified age group within the CDNA By-Laws **

Are games still played in the rain or hot weather?

Please refer to our Wet Weather Policy

Is there lost property?

Yes. We keep all lost property at the courts for one season before disposing of it or donating it to charity. You can access the lost property during match days or contact the office to come down during the week.

I am having trouble with Netball Connect
Everybody does at some point, don’t worry!

Team managers, parents and others:
Your first point of contact is with your Club administrators (if you are a team member, manager etc requiring assistance with the APP). They should be able to guide and advise you on what you may need to do.

Administrators can:
Visit Netball Victoria’s website and the Netball Connect help page for further assistance.

Attend a Netball Victoria Netball Connect Drop in session for further training, discussion and assistance. These are currently being held around twice a month via zoom. Visit the below link for more details:

If administrators are having issues within the Netball Connect system (browser), and have tried the above, they can contact the Association at the Competitions email for assistance. If we are unable to help, we will advise you to lodge a ticket with Netball Connect for support and to report an ongoing issue that seems unsolvable.

Is there First Aid available?
C&DNA engage the services of a First Aid Officer from a reputable First Aid Company for competition days. They can assess injuries courtside or access the first aid room if needed and administer ice, first aid or call an ambulance if required.
If First Aid is required, please notify the Court Supervisor (Red Jacket), who will then call for the First Aid officer to attend immediately. It is important that only one person notify court staff of the need for assistance, as multiple reports from multiple people to different staff may result in a delay in treatment due to confusion over where the injury is and how many people are injured.

For injuries deemed by coaches and/or guardians to not require first aid assistance:
* Bandaids – should be carried in a first aid kit by ALL coaches. Any requests for bandaids made to Control Box staff will be redirected back to coaches.
If a coach/team does not have access to bandaids, they will be able to purchase a box for a small price from the Canteen.
Bandaids will no longer be given out at the Control Box.

* Ice – if an ice pack is all that is required (without first aid attending), this can be obtained from the Control Box.


Do you have nail clippers I can borrow?
No, we do not have nail clippers available to borrow.
Due to a number of clippers not being returned and the need for us to disinfect clippers each time they are borrowed (health and safety), we no longer have clippers available.
Nail clippers, along with bandaids, should be carried by all coaches in their kit bags.
Players should remember to cut their nails prior to game day.
In the event that there are no clippers or scissors available, a set of clippers (and a box of bandaids) may be purchased from the Canteen.
Do you have earring tape?
No. The control box does not provide tape for piercings.
Appropriate tape should be carried by coaches (along with bandaids and nail clippers), or players should have piercings taped prior to arrival at the courts.
If you or your coach do not have tape available, you can purchase a roll of appropriate tape from the canteen.

** Please note – bandaids and paper tape ARE NOT accepted as coverings for piercings as they come off easily, particularly when a player is sweaty or wet.