Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to start playing with a club or a team?

We have lots of different clubs you can join, it’s up to you! Go to our Domestic Clubs page to have a look at all of the clubs and click on their logo to get their contact details.


I need some information about Rep Trials

Please contact our rep coordinator at

Our trials are coming up in the first few weeks of October.  Please see the post on the main page for trial times.

How do I start Umpiring?

Visit for more information.

How do I forfeit a game?

We need to hear from your club or independent team delegate directly about forfeits, just to make sure they are aware. A phone call, email or even a text message to the office are all acceptable ways for your club / delegate to advise us of the forfeit and then we will advise the opposition and umpires. Please note the below time frames to avoid a forfeit fine being issued.

How long before a game can I forfeit without a fine?

We need to receive notification of a forfeit before the following times to avoid a fine being issued. Any later means we may not have enough notice to advise the opposition or umpires, who we may still have to pay.
** Friday night competition – 12pm Friday
** Saturday competition – 6pm Friday


How do I fill in for a team?

You’re welcome to fill in for a team if you already play with that club or if you don’t play at CDNA but have registered at another netball Association. If you aren’t playing anywhere else and don’t have a Netball Victoria membership, you just have to buy a Single Game Voucher. This will ensure you are covered by insurance for the one game only. To buy this voucher, either the club you are playing for will give you a link or you can use this one: CDNA Single Game Voucher link
** Please note: you are only permitted to buy THREE Single Game Vouchers in one year before you must buy a full Netball Victoria membership **
** Please also note: all fill-in players must be eligible to play within the specified age group within the CDNA By-Laws **

Are games still played in the rain or hot weather?

Please refer to our Wet Weather Policy

Is there lost property?

Yes. We keep all lost property at the courts for one season before disposing of it or donating it to charity. You can access the lost property during match days or contact the office to come down during the week.

I am having trouble with Netball Connect

Everybody does at some point, don’t worry! The best place to start is to contact your club or independent team delegate directly. They should be able to help you or they can contact us at the Association or Netball Victoria if needed, to avoid too many people trying to contact them directly themselves.

Is there First Aid available?

Bandaids are available at the Control Box. Anything more substantial may be attended by the First Aid company that CDNA engage for competition days. They can assess injuries courtside or access the first aid room if needed and administer ice, first aid or call an ambulance if required.