CDNA have engaged Club Builder 2035 to run a Community Sports Insights Survey to help us better understand our stakeholder base as we plan for the future of our Association.

We are looking to our members for input to provide us with clear insights, thoughts, concerns and hopes with CDNA and we are therefore asking that you take the time to work through the survey to benefit us both now and in the future.

The survey doesn’t take long and the responses go directly to Club Builder, so nobody from CDNA will be able to see your responses at all. Club Builder will provide an anonymous summary of the survey results, so please feel comfortable to be open and honest in your responses.

As the survey has been commissioned by CDNA, please ensure your answers refer to the Association and NOT your own club. The wording will often say “club”, but this refers to the Association. Select “Caulfield & District Netball Association” from the dropdown box in Question 1.

Here is the link to the survey – CDNA Strategic Plan Survey

Thank you for your valuable time and input.