Every week of competition our Canteen Manager, Simone, does a great job preparing a host of items for Friday nights and Saturdays – snags, bacon and egg rolls, sandwiches, drinks and that great coffee that parents enjoy so much. So when competition was cancelled in March there was a stock of products in the canteen with no-one to enjoy them for the forseeable future.

As agreed with the committee, Simone arranged to give the stock to Foodbank Victoria. So $550 worth of food, soft drinks and even confectionery was donated by the CDNA to Foodbank to be distributed to those in need of food parcels.

With 3 in every 10 people going hungry at least once a week in Australia, Foodbank  is the largest food relief organisation in the country, providing food to 2,600 charities. Foodbank Victoria supply food relief to over 140,000 people in our state alone each month. Sadly all these facts are based on needs prior to the Covid 19 pandemic and there is no doubt that the number of people needing food relief will grow substantially in upcoming months. CDNA is proud to have supported this great organisation in our small way.